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19 Jul 2017

The Importance of Having a Good Rug Pad


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Posted By Corinne B.

For all of you out there who just ran out to the store and bought yourself a brand new area rug to compliment the interior of your home, if you did not remember to purchase a quality rug pad for beneath that new area rug, here is why you should. First and foremost, an area rug needs a rug pad, even if it sits on carpeting. Think about slippage and the rug moving around all of the time and having to be repositioned. A rug pad eliminates that ruckus and allows you to truly enjoy that area rug in the place you originally positioned it. Another added benefit is cushioning. A rug pad will greatly add to the cushioning effect that your feet experience when you re walking over the area rug. And finally, rug pads are cheap, making them easily affordable for everybody.

Why You Need Rug Pads

For those who plan on placing their rug on a stone, tiles, wooden, or other hard surfaces, a rug pad is a must, no exceptions. At any point if your rug slips, it could amount to a nasty spill and or a serious injury. Read the tags on shower rugs for wiping your feet from water when you are finished showering, and even they will recommend that you have a rug pad in place to prevent slippages and serious injuries from occurring. What about pets, what if you have them, running around and slipping; they can easily be injured from lack of a rug pad as well. Case and point: an area rug and a rug pad go hand in hand, don't get one without the other.

They Extend the Lifetime of your Rug

Many times the most common point of wear and tear on area rugs is with the backing. A rug pad will protect the backing of a rug and extend the lifetime of that area rug greatly. They also add an extra bounce to the step of those walking over the rug, making it more comfortable to walk over often. Area rugs can be a costly interior investment that can last you for years, but you want to make sure that you do everything that you can to best protect your investment. A rug pad assures that you get the maximum life out of your area rug.

Make Cleaning Easier

Because rug pads actually lift area rugs up slightly from the flooring, they can make cleaning a much easier process, which is essential to the maintenance of your area rugs. They create a pocket of ventilation, so when you are vacuuming the vacuum can breathe easier and will actually suck up more dirt and debris.

Benefits of a Rug Pad

To sum it all up, a rug pad is a must own for anybody who is planning on investing in a classy area rug to spice up the interior of their home. It greatly extends the lifetime of your rug and protects your investment. They make the cleaning of the rug easier and most importantly, they keep the rug in place, preventing slippages from occurring that can result in serious injury.


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