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15 Jul 2017

Mountain Grass, Wool, Sisal Area Rugs Offer 'Green' Alternative


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Posted By Myra C.

In a world filled with pollutants, green house gases and other harmful gases that destroy our fragile and sensitive environment, we all must do our part each and every single day to assure that we are best protecting our earth for future generations. And yes, this even trickles down to more fickle things that most people would not even give a second thought to, like area rugs. But the truth be known, going 'Green' is not just a frame of mind, it is the essential way of life that we all must learn to accept so we can together enjoy a much brighter and cleaner future, and one that is just as bright for our children and their children, and so on. The best way you can help to do your part is by making sure that you only buy and use environmentally-friendly products.

Why 'Green' is Better

There are many reasons why going 'Green' is better. First and foremost, by only purchasing green products you can be assured that you did not take part or contribute, nor endorse the destruction of our tender earth. You can also feel good by knowing that you are helping to change things for the better and for future generations. And you will not have to worry about harmful additives, chemicals, agents, pollutants or gases being emitted from the items that you purchase.

Most people are entirely unaware that everything in their home emits what are called Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) states that VOCs can be harmful to our health and tend to cause more interior pollution in our homes than we breathe in when outside on the street. Green products tend to not omit VOCs, which assures that you are safe when breathing inside of your home and that you are not being exposed to these harmful toxins on a daily basis.

Interior Design Benefits

Green products like mountain grass area rugs, or wool or sisal area rugs are made from naturally occurring and easily harvested materials that are all-natural and friendly to the environment. They are generally not treated or cured with harsh chemicals or dyes and have a more natural, earthy and neutral tone to them. This allows for a wide array and of interior design options when opting to go 'Green' in style.

Wool, for example, is a common material in most shag carpeting and rugs and can look great in any room, and will help to purify the air and neutralize odors, mites and bacteria. Sisal on the other hand is a very durable material harvested from the agave plant that is great for placement in very high traffic areas of the home and comes in a variety of natural colors and hues. Finally, mountaingrass and seagrass are all-natural mediums that come in a variety of patterns and a few different, earthy shades (when not dyed) which are extremely resilient to the elements, repel dirt and debris and are both fire-resistant and stain-resistant, naturally.


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